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31-35 Kirby Street
London EC1N 8TE
United Kingdom


11 – 25 people

Year founded




Lighthouse use design, collaboration and experience to solve complex problems for people with big ideas.

We bring out the best in the teams we work with, leaving them with more than they expected from an agency. And that carries over into our own team too. We want to create great jobs for great people, enabling them to do the best UX design work around.

What are we about?

  • 100% remote 🌍

Whilst we are a London-based agency, we have team members located across five countries and accept applications from all over the world. We prefer people in timezones close to GMT as we like to all be awake at the same time.

  • Sustainable growth 📈

We’ve been around since 2008, concentrating on growing by slowly and steadily adding the right people at the right time. We’re deliberately small enough not to pack out the pub, but big enough that you’ll be amongst a wide range of backgrounds and skill sets.

  • Health and wellbeing 🙂

We don’t expect or want a team of sleep-deprived overworkers. We’ll make sure you take enough time out no matter how busy things are, as well as supporting your health with comprehensive medical insurance and a focus on mental wellbeing at work.

  • No egos required 🙅🏻‍♀️

Collaboration is key to our success, and doing that means valuing input from across the company. From founders to fresh hires, everyone’s voice deserves to be listened to equally. There aren’t any rockstars at Lighthouse (however good at karaoke certain people think they are 🤘).

Diversity and inclusion

Diversity in the workplace benefits both us and the clients we work with. Our anonymised hiring process limits bias and makes sure that candidates are selected on their fit for the role and nothing else.

Our expanding team spans nationalities, backgrounds and skill sets, and we want to make sure we keep doing just that.

Growing you

Every project is an opportunity to learn something new – whether that’s getting stuck in to complex design systems, running your own projects, fine-tuning your UX skills or something more unexpected. You’ll grow from working with peers you respect and household name clients you admire.

What's in it for you?

🖥 A shiny new Mac delivered to your door

👩‍💻Everything you need to make your perfect workspace at home

💸 Quarterly bonus scheme and pension plan

🤸‍♂️Weekly yoga sessions

🤒Private healthcare package, including mental health scheme

👨🏻‍🏫Year long agency training programme

🎨Regular creative activities and outings

📖All the books you can read (we ❤️ books)

Current Jobs

Lighthouse currently has no open vacancies.

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