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Ascend Studio is a brand strategy, design and digital consultancy. We work with the emerging innovators and established global leaders that know that to just stand out is not enough. They want to stand up for what they believe and what they know they can achieve. Our purpose is to elevate brand truth, creating meaningful outcomes through compelling and delightful experiences, enabling our clients – and our people – to achieve more than they ever thought possible.

Our core disciplines are brand strategy, indenty systems and website design and development. As a full service agency, we are often involved in every aspect of a brand's launch or relauch, from research, strategy and ideation to UX/UI design, typography, animation, photography and more. We are sector agnostic but typically work within social entertainment, real estate, professional services, lifestyle and cultiure and emerging sustainable technologies. This makes every day differenet and every project a new adventure.

Central to all our work is our methopdolgy. which serves as the guiding force behind every project we undertake. Through our approach of Empower, Elevate, Endure, we ensure that each endeavor is marked by collaborative empowerment, elevation of truth, and the creation of enduring brands.


We believe in the power of empowerment, both for individuals and brands. Our methodology starts with empowering people and brands alike to contribute meaningfully on a level playing field. Every voice matters, and every idea holds equal value. With confidence, clarity, foresight, and experienced support, we unlock true potential, building strong relationships and delivering powerful solutions.


Truth lies at the heart of our methodology. Getting to the essence of a product or service offering requires effort, structure, and strategy. By embracing honesty, we build authentic brands that engage in memorable dialogues. Through this elevation, we unearth the core values and unique propositions that set our clients apart.


Our ultimate goal is to create enduring brands – solutions that stand the test of time and resonate effortlessly. These are brands that tell their stories with clarity and conviction, compelling and inspiring others. We achieve this by delivering design systems that are deeply rooted in the brand's DNA, ensuring consistency and coherence across every touchpoint.


Ascend is all about achievement – for our clients and of course our people. Purpose, Courage, and Impact aren't just values; they're a way of life. They guide us in everything we do, from our creative process to our client relationships. By living these values every day, we strive to create work that is truly exceptional, in a meaningful way.

Purpose - Keep it Real:

We don't just go through the motions; we approach each project with passion and commitment. We prioritise relationships, respect, and responsibility in all our interactions. Our dedication and drive stems from a genuine love for what we do as well as a deep respect for each other.

Courage - Be Brave:

We understand that true innovation requires stepping out of our comfort zone. That's why we're not afraid to take risks and push boundaries in our creative endeavours. We have the courage to do the right thing, even when it's difficult, and we're not afraid to say 'no' when necessary. This commitment fuels our creativity and allows us to deliver truly exceptional work.

Impact - Make it Count:

We are driven by the desire to create value with our work. It's not enough to simply go through the motions; we want to create work that matters. We prioritise outcomes over outputs, focusing on the real-world effects of our designs and strategies. We understand the importance of maintaining a healthy work-life balance, and we take pride in knowing that our work makes a difference in the world.

If you're seeking a role that challenges and inspires, offering mentorship and support to progress in your career, and where each success mirrors your own passion and drive, then we invite you to discuss future opportunities with us.


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