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UX/UI Designer - Immediate start (UK only)

Remote, London
Midweight, Junior
Fixed Term, Part Time, Full Time
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Job Description

Syrona Health is a digital health company focused on creating solutions for those with Chronic Gynaecological Health Conditions such as PCOS and Endometriosis. We’ve just released our flagship app ‘SORA’ which enables users to track their symptoms, gain useful insights, access the community and more!

We’re a small but smart team where information and data informs decisions, not meaningless hierarchies. You have an idea? Great, test it and prove your point. We’ve raised investment to complete this project so we’re ready to start when you are!

Our Mission is to provide our users with accessible, connected care at their fingertips to reduce some of the pain associated with long waiting times, lack of access to appropriate experts and to really empower each user to advocate for their healthcare.

Syrona has recently been featured in ‘The Guardian’, ‘FemTech Insider’, ‘Glamour Magazine’ and a few more publications

What We’re Looking For

The creative genius whose goal is to communicate complex services into a beautiful and simple design. We’re looking for a Designer who can whip up prototypes in lightning speed and create designs for our engineers.

You’ll Be Responsible For

Architecting & designing all parts of the SORA app

Working with the UX Research team to design prototypes for rapid user testing

Communicating bilaterally with the engineering team to bring features to life.

Leading the design of the SORA app

Your Impact

As the lead designer, you probably feel that bad design equals a bad product. You’re right. Clever design is an unspoken unique part of every company we interact with, so we take it seriously. Whether our company lives or dies comes down to how well we’ve designed solutions to meet the user pain points more accurately, how you’ve designed the user experience. Given the difficulty so many people have with their gynae health, we’re paving the way for change to help people with uteruses feel self-empowered to get the healthcare support they need

The work you do could help people get treatment faster, feel supported on their journey and reduce pain. We obviously think these are the most fundamental parts of human happiness, and the right designer will feel the same way.


As our lead design hire, you’ll have creative license to produce as your heart desires - as long as user’s love it, go crazy. We’re a lean team, so expect experimenting A LOT with prototype after prototype to get your design perfected. We have a lot of resources dedicated to user testing, so you’ll have a lot of support.


4+ years experience as a UX Designer for a consumer app

Excellent knowledge of prototyping tools (Figma, Invision etc)

Good knowledge of Adobe CC tools (Illustrator, Photoshop, XD)