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Middle Weight Graphic Designer

£22,000 – £28,000
Full Time
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Job Description

CellarDoor is a multi-disciplined brand consultancy specialising in the food and drink market. Working extensively across the UK and Middle East, we build brands, experiences and design spaces to bring people together – by exploring and learning what connects us, in a world increasingly driven by individuality.

Our work is the fusion of insight and imagination. As such everyone in the team is expected to think, read, write, and document ideas that helps create work built on intelligence and not simply designed as a veneer.

The studio specialises in the world of food and drink and so we look for people that share our passion for food. We have been privileged to work alongside the likes of Caffe Nero, Maryland and SHS Drinks in the UK, as well as launching multiple concepts in the Dubai. As diverse as the client needs may be, they all share a common goal – to create great experiences that keep people coming back.

Our projects range from strategy and positioning, brand identity, packaging, digital (animation and website), advertising, activation, and interiors – working with specialists to develop the highest quality creative output.

Job description

Full time, perminent Graphic Designer

Location: Studio based, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire

Outline of the role: (what’s the job)

We are looking for a driven and bright designer to help us push our creativity and deliver projects we are truly proud of. This role is fundamental to the creative output of the studio and is part of the engine room of the agency.

As a Midweight Graphic Designer you will be expected work alongside the creative team on a range of ambitious and innovative projects, contribute to ideas and support junior team members in their development.

Responsibilities & duties:

(what we expect you to do)

  • You will be responsible for helping to bring insight and creative inspiration into all work, through a strong understanding of language, colour, typography, layout, illustration and industry standard production to help the studio create the best work possible.
  • You are expected to continually develop your core skills through a hunger for learning, as well as improve the studio standards and practices through skill sharing.
  • Communication is critical to the successful operation of any studio. You should feel confident to contribute to the entire creative process. Keeping a finger on the pulse of current trends, ideas and innovations that can help our clients grow and achieve their goals.
  • We expect you to work well independently under your own initiative as well as taking direction from others working as part of a team.

Typical activities include (not exclusively):

  • Offering input and helping steer creative meetings and sharing ideas
  • Producing innovative and effective designs for all media
  • Strict delivery of considered and well-constructed design
  • Strict adherence to timescales
  • Communicating with all team members to give and receive feedback in the development of ideas
  • Liaising effectively with clients and other team members in a courteous and professional manner
  • Continuously develop skills and knowledge of design
  • Research and develop understanding of the landscape of design and F&B

Requirements and capabilities:

(what skills and attributes you need for the job)

  • A great graphic designer
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills
  • Adeptness and keenness to learn
  • A determination to achieve and develop
  • The ability to meet deadlines in a high pressure environment
  • The ability to see projects through from inception to production
  • Consistency regardless of project size
  • Good organisational skills that support the rest of the team
  • The motivation to maintain and improve design standards
  • An equal engagement creating your own unique ideas, or developing the work of others in the team
  • The willingness to listen to feedback and use it to improve
  • The employee is encouraged to drive new opportunities that support the studio’s growth and allows the team to develop positive new relationships.
  • A solid understanding and ability with industry standard Adobe Suite programs (Illustration, InDesign, Photoshop etc)

Characteristics of success:

(what will enable us to look back and say you are succeeding in the role)

We want our people to be happy and being good at your job is also about knowing that you are doing a good job. We do performance evaluations, and part of this is looking back and being able to see that your presence in the studio has been a good thing for all of us. In your case we would look at:

  • Does the studio and our clients feel you have been willing and have supported them.
  • Do clients like and respect you and your work.
  • Has your working practice enabled us to be productive and profitable .
  • Is your presence a positive factor in the studio.