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Infographics Illustrator

£500 – £1,000 / Day
Midweight, Senior
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Job Description

Public Practice is looking for an infographics illustrator who can develop our guidelines for illustrations and infographics, as well as design visuals for our future reports.

  • Deadline for submission: 30 May 2023 at 10:00 (UK time)
  • Proposed budget: £8,000 (incl. VAT) – please note that the salary in this listing is a rough estimate based on the proposed budget.
  • Contract start date: w/c 5 June 2023 (kick-off meeting 8 June)

Who we are

Public Practice is a not-for-profit social enterprise that believes the role of local government is crucial in creating and managing everyday places that work for everyone. We work to help build the capability of public sector placemaking skills and increase the knowledge of good practice across officers and the wider sector.

Our leading service is our Associate Programme, which places mid-career built environment practitioners into professional job placements as ‘Associates’ within local authorities to work across a wide range of place-based roles. The programme is sometimes compared to as a local government placemaking version of Think Ahead, Unlocked, Front Line, On-Purpose or Police Now.

Scope of the brief

Public Practice is looking for an infographic illustrator who can develop our guidelines for illustrations and infographics, as well as design visuals for our latest survey report and future reports.

1. Develop our illustration and infographic guidelines

To date, our brand identity has been logical, pragmatic, and text-heavy, reflecting the bureaucratic nature of public sector work. As we have evolved, we are now looking to add more visual excitement to our brand identity that presents public sector work in a dynamic, important, and human way. We are looking for a bold style that will be attention-grabbing on a page, use our full brand colour palette, and build on our playful use of shapes. The visual style should complement the current typographic and photographic elements of our brand. This should be formatted into two styles - ‘Company’ & ‘Industry’, utilising Public Practice’s colour-palette to differentiate, with the Industry style using a more muted tone.

  • Company style: Used for Public Practice’s organisation reports, for example operating as a social enterprise, our impact and sustainability.
  • Industry style: Used for Public Practice’s industry and sector research reports.

The new high-contrast and visually striking styles should be a development of Public Practice’s existing identity, and fit comfortably within our wider brand guidelines. The process will be supported by our Brand and Marketing Team.

These guidelines will help to inform visuals used in our future company reports, website pages, social media, and other digital channels.

2. Design illustrations and infographics for our industry survey report plus future company reports

In addition to updating our guidelines, you will put the new approach into practice by designing illustrations and infographics for our upcoming report on the Local Authority Resourcing & Skills Survey 2023 in the industry style, plus designing a suite of Public Practice assets for our future reports.

The 2023 survey provides industry insights into planning and placemaking departments across England. Our 2022 survey is a useful reference to demonstrate both the tone of the content and how Public Practice has used infographics to date.

The illustrations and infographics you produce will be used to highlight impactful data and act as lead information. Our Digital Content Producer will use your illustrations and infographics in the design of the final report, as well as in promotional materials for the report on our digital channels and a slide deck that summarises the findings.

The report will be published digitally on our website, available for download as a PDF. The exact format is yet to be determined, but there is potential for it to also be added to a publishing platform like Issuu. The audience is people working in local government and the built environment sector.

Project Outputs

  • Refreshed guidelines for illustrations and infographics that fit within our brand identity with a ‘Company’ & ‘Industry’ style.
  • Approx. 8 key infographics and/or illustrations for our 2023 survey report (in the industry style). These may include: bar charts, tablee, maps, and other more illustrative ways of representing data.
  • 6-8 standard Public Practice infographics and/or illustrations available in both the ‘Company & Industry’ colour-palettes, which are to be adapted by our team for future use across our promotional materials and reports.

Download the full brief here.