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Production Manager/ Producer

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about Dawes & Co.

Dawes & Co. represents a diverse group of individuals, working in collaboration with each artist to realise their creative ambition by understanding their vision and committing to help them achieve their financial and creative goals through managing and promoting their portfolios

about the role of the production manager/ producer @ Dawes & Co.

the main role of the production manager/ producer at Dawes & Co. is to support the Founder & CEO and any other agents & senior producers as required in both the running of the agency and the management of the talent. Whilst the agents bring in the clients and the projects that follow this, it is the producer’s job to execute those projects from start to finish

this is primarily an office-based job, rather than working on location on productions and shoots (although this may be occasionally required)

a production manager/ producer must:

  • be efficient at task prioritisation and planning
  • be organised
  • be detail orientated
  • be focused on deadlines to deliver projects on time
  • be a multi-tasker
  • be able to manage budgets and deliver within those budgets
  • have strong communication skills (written and verbal) and listening ability to build effective relationships within Dawes & Co and externally
  • manage a wide range of administrative tasks both internally and on external projects
  • work autonomously and be a team player
  • be flexible in approach to work and open to change
  • have an in-depth knowledge of the industry in which the Dawes & Co. clients operate

the specifics

the key responsibilities of the production manager/ producer include but are not limited to the following (within the specific areas set out below):


  • at the beginning of a project create a PRODUCTION CHECKLIST, following which the producer will own and drive this checklist
  • communicate with clients to facilitate their needs for each production and be their first point of contact for this
  • create and oversee the scheduling for each production and update clients’ (and as required others involved) calendars for the duration of the project
  • oversee booking of talent and resources for each production
  • where necessary, work alongside the shoot or show producer to ensure smooth running of the production (from pre to post-production)
  • communicate production/project updates to all parties
  • as and when required visit the production set or travel with the client
  • manage clients (and their associates) schedules during show season (if and when required)
  • manage production budgets and deliver within those budgets
  • work on post-production schedules and work release dates
  • archiving all paperwork and images post-shoot

general agency admin & support

  • communication (often daily) with clients and others associated with a project
  • create client estimates
  • create calendar options for each client
  • coordinate and oversee all travel for clients and their associates
  • assist the senior agent in creating client presentations
  • generate agency meetings
  • research
  • keep up to date with social media channels making sure talent is properly and correctly tagged and promoted
  • manage client portfolios and check artist online portfolios are up to date
  • update company contacts with new client details
  • account management (billing and wrapping jobs)


  • manage and supervise administration assistant
  • to influence key decisions, work collaboratively with the Dawes & Co team to bring forward your ideas and identify and develop all aspects of the agency
  • have an in-depth awareness of the industry, clients and artists in which Dawes & Co. operates and keep up to date via all media (including social, print & TV) and keep informed of industry news, keeping in mind client, potential collaborations and new clients


dependant on experience