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Project Manager

Midweight, Senior
Full Time
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Job Description

The Project Management team at Here Design are the linchpin of our studio, they’re tasked with delivering an uncompromised first class functional service for our clients whilst adopting an intrinsically entrepreneurial approach to the way that its delivered.

The successful candidate will be enriched with a self-starting attitude and present as a driving force for the opportunities they work on.

The ideal person for this role engages with:

Their imagination; having a creatively innovative perspective and applying this to the way they run their projects.

An enterprising approach; showing initiative and resourcefulness and using this for collective success.

An Agile mindset; adapting to challenges quickly and frequently reassessing decisions made for maximum success.

We believe our business thrives on a relative balance of attention being paid to the human, commercial and creative aspects of our team and its output, the job requirements are therefore split to acknowledge each of these attributes:


  • Collaborative approach to project management.
  • Confidence in ourselves and empathy for the team that supports us in order to flex our approach to each individual scenario.
  • Support our team, those immediately connected to us as well as the wider studio, bearing the appropriate workload in order to work together fairly.
  • Responsive and supportive to our client’s needs.
  • Nurture and support the wider team in their respective decisions.
  • Encourage and actively partake in the affirmation of others.


  • Be fully responsible for the project proposal and hold the process to account against this.
  • Manage our over delivery, flagging when we’re nearing fee spend to share responsibility of finishing job profitably and according to agreed scope.
  • Report on project status through contact reports to internal and external teams.
  • Seek out repeat business from current clients.
  • Actively engage in new business opportunities.
  • Apply a high level of organisational efficiency to the project process.
  • Have confidence in financial acumen, demonstrating complete control of the projects financial position, working closely with the Finance team to keep this up to date.
  • Strongly negotiate where appropriate to ensure an equal return on investment for both client and studio.


  • Champion creative brief.
  • Understand the wider creative opportunity within the creative brief and how we can utilise the best resources to stretch the client ambition.
  • Facilitate the full integration of the Strategy department into our project work streams
  • Engage the Makes and Production teams in the initial stages of the project.
  • Encourage and actively introduce the Writes offer to our clients and use them successfully.
  • Lead collaborative creative evaluations with the creative and client teams following project completion.
  • Invest in the development of your creative awareness both internally and externally of the studio.