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We’re looking for a Manchester-based creative professional to join our team to lead on the storytelling and content creation as we deliver one of the UK’s largest collaborative, community-led climate campaigns.

About the campaign

Hubbub is partnering with Manchester Climate Change Agency and Partnership, Manchester City Council, Amity and Tyndall Centre for Climate Change to deliver a 12-month programme aiming to unlock the potential of residents and communities to take positive action on the climate emergency. The Zero Carbon Communities Programme aims to

The programme will include a positive city-wide communications campaign and a series of local projects in communities responding to local needs. You can read more about the campaign here:

Storytelling will be a key part of the campaign’s success – both to bring people onboard and reinforce positive behaviour, to shine a spotlight on the transformative community action, and to inspire a wider movement of people to take action, in Manchester and more widely. That’s why we’re looking for a proactive creative professional with a passion for capturing inspiring stories to join the team!

About the role

As a “Creative Content Producer” you will be responsible for capturing authentic and engaging stories, using a wide range of methods including photography, audio, and videography.

You will be the project team’s “eyes and ears on the ground”, taking a proactive approach to identifying inspiring case studies and success stories, making the most of local connections and relationships. You will play a key role in amplifying the impact by editing and sharing content across Hubbub and partners’ channels.

On a typical day, you might visit a local Community Fridge to capture a series of vox pop interviews with volunteers, before heading to a community garden to take photos at a launch event.

You will take an active role in shaping the campaign narrative and identity, working alongside Hubbub’s in house creative team, exploring opportunities and pitching ideas for new ways of doing things.

We're looking for someone that has experience with working across a range of creative methods, a passion for capturing authentic stories from a diverse set of voices, who is able to communicate in a way that is positive and inspiring, who thrives on challenges, has a good knowledge of Manchester, and can work confidently under their own initiative.

Your role will include:

• Capture stories through a range of creative methods including, but not limited to, photography, audio and videography.

• Proactively seek out opportunities to document community climate action in Manchester by attending events, visiting community projects, building local contacts and more.

• Create a range of regular content that can be shared across Hubbub, MCCA and partners’ channels, ensuring that these stay true to Hubbub’s brand and the campaign identity.

• Work closely with Hubbub’s in house creative team to shape the narrative and identity of the Manchester campaign, including planning and creating themed campaigns and content around specific topics.

• Support the project team with building local connections and fostering local relationships.

• Engage with communities and project partners in a sensitive, ethical and appropriate way, making sure that all necessary permissions are in place.

• When necessary, bring in and manage contractors, making sure that projects stay within budget and timelines.

• Being flexible and willing to support on projects and pitch in where needed. No task is too big or too small.


• A passion for storytelling and finding creative ways to capture community stories and amplifying a diverse set of voices.

• Ability to engage and communicate with people in a way that’s sociable, playful and knowledgeable.

• Passion for and experience with creating a range of creative assets, including photography, videos, audio, social media assets, etc.

• Great organisational skills with a keen attention to detail.

• Ability to work independently and proactively.

• Excellent written communications, including writing playful and engaging copy for websites and social media (preferred)

• Access to necessary equipment (preferred)

• Level of proficiency in Adobe Creative Cloud or equivalent programmes (preferred)

• Experience with interview techniques (preferred)

We’re committed to promoting diversity in our organisation and the work we do, and to creating an inclusive culture. We provide equal opportunities within our organisation and strongly encourage people of all backgrounds to apply for roles.


Hubbub’s success and distinctiveness rests on the quality of our people. No matter where they are in their career, our employees are and should continue to be:

• Intellectually and politically curious and engaged

• Proud of the work they do

• Upbeat, motivated by difficult challenges, and tenacious in solving them

• Creative, innovative and playful

• Team players, sharing success and solving issues and challenges collaboratively

• Organised, dedicated and conscientious, with fantastic attention to detail

• Flexible, willing and able to respond to constant change and challenge

• Committed to communicating in a way that is compelling, clear, accurate and accessible


Our vision is to create a world where everyone is an environmentalist, (whether they realise it or not). We inspire ways of living that are good for the environment, by designing campaigns that make environmental action desirable. We disrupt the status quo to raise awareness, nudge behaviours and shape systems. We do this with knowledge and playfulness... and we won’t make you feel bad.


• Give a damn about the environment: it’s authentically at the heart of everything we do because we’re committed to taking action on climate change and the environment. We care about the difference we make and are honest about our impact.

• Curious: have an interest in people, places, trends, politics and the world we live in. Asks questions, seeks knowledge and has self direction to discover the answers. We have an eye for detail.

• Entrepreneurial: nimble and brave enough to take risks. Trusting instincts to experiment without fear. Acts like a leader and embraces context and freedom over control and process. Proud of independent spirit. Takes initiative and responsibility.

• Creative: re-imagining everything. Thinking outside the box. Trusting intuition and bringing magic to the everyday. Continually challenging our own status quo.

• Playful: positive and playful to catch the imagination and make people smile, because the world is serious enough.


We do things the Hubbub way:

• Discover: We listen, observe and ask questions to gain insight and knowledge to understand the people and places we want to inspire. We use our intuition and experience to identify opportunities to instigate action on environmental issues.

• Collaborate: we believe the cause is bigger than the organisation. We build collaborations of organisations, big and small, who share our ambition.

• Design: We design campaigns that make environmental action desirable. We use behaviour change techniques, positive language and highlight the benefits. We use good design, seasonal hooks and a splash of playfulness.

• Experiment: we constantly experiment, measure and adapt what we do, to find out what has the biggest impact.

• Scale: We share what we discover, the good and the bad. When it works, we open source our ideas and build transformative opportunities that enable people to replicate and scale to have a bigger impact.

How to apply

To apply for this role please send us:

• A single-page cover letter and 1 - 2 pages CV.

• Your portfolio or demonstration of work. Given the unique nature of this role, we’re open to

hearing from candidates with less direct experience as long as they can demonstrate the

passion and drive that we’re looking for, and alignment with Hubbub’s core values.

• Creative task: using the creative method of your choice, tell a story about your local area or community. The story should be suitable for sharing natively on Twitter or Instagram e.g. videos need to be limited to the length allowed on the above platforms.

Please send your application to with the subject line ‘Application Creative Content Producer Manchester’.

Applications close at midnight, Sunday 7th March 2021.

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