How to navigate the complexities of the creative working life?

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We're running a regular article on It's Nice That giving advice on people's creative career conundrums. From this we realise that some issues need expert support and there's lots of great resources that can support you across things that might arise at work.

Here is our list of partners, services and resources that can provide more specialist advice for you and your unique situation whilst navigating the creative working world.

Legal advice and rights support

Citizens Advice

Citizens Advice offers free, confidential advice to help people resolve legal, money, and other issues. They provide support on various topics, from benefits to cost of living, aiming to empower individuals to navigate life's challenges.

Pregnant Then Screwed

Pregnant Then Screwed fight for maternity rights and campaigning against discrimination to new mothers and those that are pregnant. In a normal year, the legal advice line run by Pregnant Then Screwed receives about 3,000 calls from women experiencing pregnancy and maternity discrimination at work.


Shelter offers support, guidance, and advocacy for individuals facing homelessness or housing issues. They work tirelessly to provide housing solutions and campaign for lasting change in housing policy and practice.

Global Talent & Freelance Visas

The Global Talent route was designed to attract talented and promising professionals in the fields of science, digital technology and arts and culture to work in the UK. There are visa options for freelancers and remote workers across the globe, not limited to:

UK: Global Talent visa

Australia: Global Talent visa

Germany: D-Visa

Barbados: Welcome Stamp Programme

Make sure you do your own research to ensure you are eligible for these visas.

Mental health assistance


Mind fosters mental well-being by providing resources, support and advocacy. They offer guidance, counselling and education to empower individuals and communities in navigating mental health challenges and fostering resilience in life and in the workplace.


Samaritans is a UK-based charity providing confidential emotional support to those in distress, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. With over 20,000 volunteers, they offer a safe space for people to talk, whatever they're going through. Whether by phone, email, letter, or face-to-face, Samaritans ensures no one has to face their problems alone.

Arts and Minds

Arts and Minds fosters mental well-being through creative expression, offering workshops and programs that empower individuals to explore and heal through art therapy.


SANDS charity provides support to bereaved parents and families affected by stillbirth and neonatal death. They offer counselling, information, and a community for those navigating loss.

Diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging

The Other Box

The Other Box is an award-winning diversity and inclusion media company, driven by emotional intelligence. They educate individuals and reshape workplace cultures, providing tools and resources to foster diversity and create inclusive environments where all backgrounds can thrive collaboratively.

The Inclusive Design Guide

The Inclusive Design Guide by The Inclusive Design Research Centre provides comprehensive insights into inclusive design principles, emphasising accessibility and diversity. Covering various domains such as digital interfaces, architecture, and product design, it offers practical strategies to create environments and products that cater to the needs of all individuals. | The Inclusive Design Guide

Demystifying the creative industries

Creative Lives In Progress

Our sister company, Creative Lives in Progress, is an inclusive creative careers resource on a mission to transform the way emerging talent access, understand and connect with the industry. It is great place to start your creative journey.

The British Council | Creative Economy

The British Council Creative Economy champions global creativity by fostering connections and collaborations across cultures. Through its resources section, it provides invaluable insights, support, and opportunities for creative professionals worldwide, facilitating growth and innovation within the creative industries. | Resources

We’ll keep reviewing and adding to this list. If you’ve discovered a helpful, creative work-life resource you think should be included, get in touch using the email address

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