This job has now closed and is no longer accepting applications.

Brand Designer

£40,000 – £50,000
Midweight, Senior
Full Time
Job Posted
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Job Description

As our Brand Designer, you’ll be vital in helping us connect with new galleries, artists and collectors, as well as building our community. Combining creative thinking with graphic design skills, you’ll provide creative support to the marketing team and business across all key communication touchpoints. Working cross-departmentally and reporting to the Head of Marketing, you’ll develop design concepts, build marketing assets, and promote a strong and consistent brand across all areas. Identifying the key messages and communicating these in a way that is beautiful, exciting, and effective. You’ll lead our rebrand project and work with the team and our website designers to launch the brand on our new website. You’ll also become our brand guardian and deliver on the day-to-day design needs of the team.

About you

  • Ability to intricately understand Artlogic’s vision, strategy and branding and to weave that into design work. Confident in proposing potentially bold new directions that may deviate from past norms when appropriate.
  • Ability to communicate clearly, confidently and succinctly in a way that establishes warm and effective working relationships with management, colleagues and other key stakeholders. Using good judgment in what and how to communicate.
  • Collaborative approach to design. Initiating design concepts and ideas and continually looking to improve your skills and talents by working and learning from those around you.
  • Work constructively to implement feedback from stakeholders and be proactive in finding solutions to problems
  • Impeccably keen eye for detail concerning both design consistency and the use of copy in your work.
  • High degree of computer literacy, familiarity with Mac OSX and iOS and detailed knowledge of the Adobe Creative Suite.
  • High degree of forward planning and self-organisation with the ability to juggle tasks, prioritise effectively and hit deadlines consistently.
  • Creative, friendly, self-confident, motivated team player who can work to benefit the team's short-term and long-term goals and adjust with the team to the changing demands of our business.
  • Strong desire to learn and to accept input from your fellow team members and step in to help others. Must also know when to ask for help or guidance.

Key Responsibilities

  • Originating ideas and communicating concepts with the right words as well as strong visuals, intertwining messaging and copywriting ideas as part of your design process.
  • Using your skill and expertise to help others finesse their ideas and concepts into the finished designs.
  • Developing new design concepts for product launches and our marketing channels.
  • Create engaging and exciting marketing campaigns and assets that help boost brand awareness and generate an increase in enquiries to our sales team.
  • Initiating sensible design practices that progressively streamline the design and delivery process, improving the efficiency of simple design tasks.