This job has now closed and is no longer accepting applications.

Senior designers (Freelance & Permanent)

Remote, London
£35,000 – £48,000
Full Time, Freelance
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Applications Close

Job Description


We’ve had hundreds of enquiries – and dozens of requests to extend the deadline.

So the new – and final – cut-off is January the 23rd, 23:59.


Not your normal job advert

Because, after the last 21 months?

A lot of people are questioning their career choices.

What they do, why they do it, and who they do it for.

So here’s why you should choose us.


What we do, and why

We started off committed to great design.

But soon realised we preferred using our skills for good, not bad.

Now? We’re still committed to doing great work – but for good people.

In education and philanthropy.

Across charity and culture.

For climate change projects, ethical start-ups

and technologists with a true purpose.


What we don’t do

Nice little pro-bono projects

before returning to fast cars and fast-food.

Line the pockets of blue-chips

who put profit before people.

Talk a great game about 20% of our work

whilst hiding the other eighty.


What our clients come for

We’re known for our thinking, not a ‘look’.

Which begins with strategy and narrative

before spending serious time searching for unique solutions.

Great ideas? They can appear

in hours, but we allow weeks to turn

the best ones into belters.


We need senior branding designers, now

Permanent, and freelance, with at least 5 years experience.

Who share our world view but can make a case for the new.

Who think first, then do – and are driven to make a difference too.


What we pay

We can get close to the going rate, whatever your level*.

But our budgets aren’t always the biggest.

So we put the world before our wallets, if you see what we mean.


What do we want?

To see you’ve done great projects and have skills that go beyond the basics.

To sense you can work in a team, not go it alone.

To feel that you look past ‘what’s in’ and search for ‘what’s next’.

To know you can start remotely,

but are keen to start coming to Clapham once the coast is clear.


* between £35-£48k for the permanent role, depending on your age and experience