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Senior Designer

£32,000 – £35,000
Full Time
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Job Description

If you live for the challenges that come with designing with the user and audience in mind, crafting beautiful layouts, working with typography, and thinking about how every element could come together through motion, this is the role you’ve been waiting for.

Presentation design is a hidden jewel in the creative world: solving client briefs to produce beautiful, awe-inspiring creations that literally change the way that audiences see the world.

Hello. We’re Buffalo 7. And we’re looking for another member of the herd.

A creative community

We understand the importance of diversity. Every single person on this planet has unique thoughts, ideas, experiences. And it’s our passion to bring all this creativity, perspective, and innovation together under one roof. Sometimes that roof is just metaphorical, as we work in a hybrid fashion and, mostly, the choice is yours to choose where you work. We just want you to feel comfortable and be productive. But, as a design team, we find our best ideas come to us when we’re throwing thoughts around in our Manchester city centre studio, so we’d love you to come in a few times a week to see us. There are also some client meetings, company events, idea generation workshops, etc, where we’ll need you to come hang out with us in person, but we’ll give you plenty of advanced warning.

The fresh ideas we’re looking for right now will likely come from someone with at least four or five years’ experience in Graphic Design and excellent Adobe skills. Beyond that, it’s impossible to translate talent into a dry list of qualifications. If you’re a bit of an XD whizz – that's great. If you have experience designing for websites with motion in mind – you’ll fit right in around here.

At Buffalo 7, we really are a herd. Every presentation that leaves our loving hands (hooves?) has been created by a team of experts. Each has a laser focus on their specialism, but when we work together – that’s where the magic happens.

We’re looking for a Senior Designer that fits seamlessly into the group. You need to be excited to work with this talented lot. Ready to learn everything they have to give. And give plenty of your own ideas and expertise as well. We believe that it’s our collaborative approach that sets us apart, so get ready to get stuck in with Storytellers, Developers, and your fellow Designers – sharing work, challenging one another’s thinking, and providing endless inspiration.

We work hard to foster a culture of support and belonging. One of our Lead Designers will always be on hand to help and nurture you, and our Juniors will be eager to receive the same support from you. Experience in managing a small team would help you out here, but it’s nothing that can’t be learned along the way.

Speaking of learning, our new Senior Designer will be passionate about evolving their skillset in unexpected ways. As well as everything you’ll learn through your time working closely with the herd, we can give you access to various learning partners to identify further opportunities for growth.

What do we actually do?

Buffalo 7 is a bunch of creative specialists dedicated to transforming ordinary presentations into engaging, inspiring experiences.

We are devoted to greatness. Our products look amazing, work flawlessly, and leave our clients - and their audiences - awestruck. And, due to this, our clients keep coming back for more. We’ve worked with some of the world’s biggest brands, but no matter the size or reputation of the client, we are driven to make every project better than the last.

As Senior Designer, you’ll be responsible for delivering these creative, awe-inspiring presentation designs. We need you to care about this work as much as we all do. Take pride in what you create. And always challenge yourself to do your best for each brief.

You need to be committed to designing from the client’s point of view, understanding the challenges that are getting in their way, and providing a presentation solution that not only solves that challenge, but also works the way they need it to.

And, at the same time, you need to design for the audience, showing an understanding of how design can influence decision making.

You need to be able to consider each project not as a series of slides, but an experience. Think about how elements continue and evolve throughout the presentation journey. How one slide interacts with the next. And that slide with the next. And so on.

Taking on multiple briefs can’t faze you. In fact, you need to be able to see it as an opportunity to enjoy a variety of different projects, flex your design muscles, and challenge yourself. Quick thinking and effective execution of a brief will see you do well around these parts.

All in all, we harness the chaotic energy of a raw idea and transform how the world experiences it. Doesn’t that sound like a purpose you can get behind?

The reward

As well as a salary in the region of £35K (dependent on experience) you will benefit from:

25 days annual leave, plus Bank Holidays and the whole Christmas break

Private medical care

Eye care

High Street discounts

Learning and development fund

Contribution to wellbeing