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Social Media Assistant

Full Time
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Job Description

We are looking for someone to assist with the management of our artists’ social media profiles.

The successful candidate will be expected to prepare and post content across all platforms, drafting copy for artist approval and generating or reformatting images and video as required. You will need to oversee the posting schedule in collaboration with the artists’ label, touring and merch partners.

You will also be responsible for ensuring that any contractual social media obligations are clearly communicated to each artist and executed in accordance with the agreed terms.

Working alongside the artist management and label teams you will input into the overall social media strategy to offer advice on engagement and best practice based on the performance of each post and campaign.

Lastly you will be responsible for managing the artist channels overall, making sure that all links, text and integrations are up to date.

Our goals are:

To operate a socials first policy where the posting schedule, copy and images are approved well in advance

To alleviate the workload that currently rests with the management and label team allowing them to focus on overall strategy

To effectively communicate the artists’ narrative in a clear and engaging way

To grow both engagement and audience across all artists and platforms

Skills required:

An experienced user of social media, able to create and share compelling content across all platforms.

A good communicator who can clearly understand how each artist likes to communicate with their fan base.

Experienced in shooting video and stills for social media.

Well organised. You will need to co-ordinate the needs of many partners and execute them across multiple related accounts.

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