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Job Description

We are seeking a really great person to join our team.

We want you:

To join our team and co-lead it with James, our founder. This means inspiring and motivating the existing team and at times coordinating our efforts.

To be an excellent problem solver. You’ll love finding extraordinary solutions to design problems and equally enjoy untangling the puzzles that arise as we work to give our clients the best possible service.

To be really great at giving presentations. They’ll be clear and energising and hold everyone’s attention.

To make OMSE your own. Both in terms of how you feel here and how we feel about you, but also literally: you’ll jump at the chance to bring in new business and build opportunities from scratch.

In fact, you’ll commit to a goal of doubling our turnover in the next 12-18months.

In that time you’ll also help us a find new studio space that fits our needs and budget.

When we imagine what you’re like, this is what comes up for us:

You’ll be the best designer we have, producing beautiful design backed up with strong conceptual thought.

You’ll have experience in all things digital from animation to code to cinema 4D. And you’re interested in innovative approaches to design, such as AR.

You’ve worked at some of the best creative agencies in the world.

You’re a really positive person. You get excited about your work. You’ve checked out our work ( and you’re pumped by what you see.

More than that, you’re confident in yourself. You know your strengths and you’re comfortable talking about your vulnerabilities. You make others feel more confident in their work and in themselves.

Because of that, you get shit done. You’re a real activator. Ideas become realities when you’re around.

You know how to pick ‘em. You recruit great freelancers when we need them and you’ll help us build our team over time.

You love culture and help OMSE build its unique culture against the backdrop of the wider design world. This sometimes means leading our ‘organised fun’ sessions at museums or exhibitions, but mainly means leading a great work culture day-to-day.

You love being part of a great studio culture and will help OMSE build its unique culture against the backdrop of the wider design world.

At OMSE we believe that any organisation can be cool and can have impact- even a 200 year old church in Hackney. You surprise us with your unconventional approach to design and your commitment to creating something unique for our clients.

Why would you want to work at OMSE:

We’re super proud of the work that we create. And you will jump at the opportunity to be a part of it.

But this is a genuine opportunity for you to influence the development of this business.

There is an opportunity for you to become a share-owning partner, which will grow over time.

A competitive starting salary agreed with you based on your experience.

There's an opportunity for you to shape how your salary works in the future so that it grows alongside the business.

And in the short term, for you to create a fair financial reward scheme attached to bringing in new business.

Finally, we’re a good bunch of people with whom you can have fun and do meaningful work.

How to apply

Please email across your CV and link to your site or PDF of your work to

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