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Job Description

About Daye

Daye is a highly ambitious female health platform. We operate in a strongly monopolised, low-innovation industry, with the aim of rebuilding the relationship between women and their health. We deliver on our mission with products rooted in scientific rigour, and inspired by female intuition.

After 3 years of R&D, our products were first launched to market in spring 2020. Our D2C ecommerce-centered business model is currently operational in 8 EU geographies, soon expanding to the US.

Daye is an equity-driven organisation. From the onset, we baked our core values into the DNA of the company — our products are created by women, who survived sexual trafficking; we regularly invest in material science to reduce pollution through innovation like our water-soluble tampon wrappers; and work daily to overcome historical gender biases in medical research and product innovation.

Who we are looking for

We're looking for an enthusiastic and strategy-driven Social Media Editor who will manage Daye's social media profiles and create content for them.

Here is a detailed description of the responsibilities included in the role:

Managing The Posting Schedule

  • Create and execute a monthly social media posting schedule across Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Twitter, LinkedIn and other channels the company is active on.
  • Develop, launch and manage new competitions and campaigns to promote the brand.
  • Encourage community conversations on social media.

Creative Creation

  • Collaborate with the Daye copywriting team to generate copy for social media posts across all channels.
  • Generate visual content for Daye’s social media posts, including photography, illustrations, and videos.
  • Be open to creating visual content independently.
  • Collaborate with Daye’s designers to generate posts when necessary.
  • Curate a list of content creators we could collaborate with.

Social Media Strategy

  • Implement a dedicated social media strategy across all of Daye’s posting channels, that recognises the difference in audience needs between platforms.
  • Ensure each channel has a differentiated strategy.
  • Continuously enhance and improve the company’s strategy based on learnings from the job.
  • Set targets to increase brand awareness and content engagement.
  • Be aware of the latest social trends and find ways for the brand to engage with them.
  • Actively collaborate with the Customer and Marketing teams on the creation and delivery of these strategies.

Social Listening

  • Actively engage with our community on different social channels, and identify what cultural and societal topics are important to them.
  • Tailor the brand’s content to reflect the interests of our community.
  • Undertake audience research.
  • Monitor competitor activity and ensure Daye’s content is differentiated.

Social Media Reporting

  • Monitor, track and report on the performance of social channels using platforms such as Google Analytics and Facebook Insights.
  • Producing monthly social media reports to cover engagement, post success, topics that resonate with our community, potential strategies to explore going forward.
  • Producing a weekly KPIs report covering reach, engagement, and successful posts.

The report should cover all social media channels we’re active on.

General requirements

  • You're very comfortable with providing and receiving constructive feedback.
  • You're constantly striving towards new learnings and the enhancement of one’s professional skills.
  • You have a collaborative approach to content planning.
  • You're comfortable fully owning responsibilities within their domain and leading projects from start to completion.
  • You’ve got experience with photo and video editing software and are comfortable creating different kinds of content on your own.

How to apply

To apply, please send your CV and a cover letter to

Job ID #1371065027